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Kailash & Friends - Sakrayaami

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Track Listing

1.  Walking Tree  5.51
2.  Relax, Let go & Celebrate  2.16
3.  Sakrayaami  10.53
4.  Nayano Way  2.29
5.  Stone & Bone  7.27
6.  Eagle Dreaming  2.37
7.  Remember  5.38
8.  Hey Ya Na  2.44
9.  Kokopelli Dreaming  9.01
10.  Dadjedyng  1.38
11.  White Wolf  1.26
12.  Thunderspirits  6.35
13.  Frog Medicine  1.21
14.  Honey Bear Dreaming  3.03
15.  Love is the Essence  3.51
16.  Sakrayaamika  3.07

Didgeridoo Trance Formations

Organic trance music designed for meditation, dance and therapeutic purposes.

A versatile mix of deep and quiet soundscapes leading into dynamic world beat.

Spiritchants, ancient soundscapes of the didgeridoo.

Haunting melodies of Native American flutes.

Rattles, bones & stones, trancebeats & thundervoices of shaman drums.

Featuring the famous song “WALKING TREE” which is sung and danced in schools, universities, festivals, gatherings, concerts and at sacred places by native and non native people all around the world.

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