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Kailash & Hermann Haindl - 7 Chakra

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Track Listing

1. Introduction  05.19 minutes
2. Chakra 1: Muladhara  06.25 minutes
3. Chakra 2: Svadisthana   13.28 minutes
4. Chakra 3: Manipura  10.20 minutes
5. Chakra 4: Anahata   07.04 minutes
6. Chakra 5: Vishudda  07.49 minutes
7. Chakra 6: Ajna  05.12 minutes
8. Chakra 7: Sahasrara  06.01 minutes

Total Time 61.44

Chakras can be understood as light wheels or energy spirals.

They are localized in specific parts of the body and are found in states ranging from stillness to strong vibration.

The kundalini, the life force, activates the six chakras in the human body as it moves along toward the highest chakra, the sahasrara, which lies above the crown of the head, where it unites with Shiva in pure consciousness.

Nada- the world is sound, and sound is vibration.

Following an introduction, the music of Hermann Haindl and Kailash focuses on the seven chakras in ascending order.

It is a musical journey leads from the outside inward, where we can plunge into the timelessness of the inner dream world.

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