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Lex Van Someren, Stephanie M'Aria & Janice Williams - A State of Grace

Product Code: CD693
Price: £15.99

Track Listing

1. Cathedral Of Trees  06.57 minutes
2. Earth Meets Sky  15.34 minutes
3. Divine Mysteries Of The DNA  11.01 minutes
4. Tryst By Chalice Spring  11.32 minutes
5. Crystal Journey  14.51 minutes

Total Time 60.00 minutes

This CD is the result of a spontaneous communion of three extraordinary artists. The healing sounds of Janice Williams' crystal bowls inspired Stephanie M'Aria and Lex van Someren to playful and prayerful voice improvisations which invite the listener to experience surprising soundscapes, ranges and contrasts of both these magical voices.

Its sound and vibration awake an ancient remembering, touching the essence of the soul.

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