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Lex Van Someren - Mama Papa

Product Code: CD1711
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Track Listing

1. Die Liebe 49:03
2. Shahom Talitha 08:22
3. Full Circle 06:12
4. Mama-Papa Song 07:41

The complete inner peace with our parents is the gate we have to go through in order to obtain lasting peace, joy and fulfillment in our lives. Your inner parental relationship effects every single area of your life, either in a supporting and strengthening or distorting and weakening way to this present day.

We need the blessing of our parents in order to be wholy successful in what we are doing in our lives, as well as to free our hearts. There is just one person who is able to reconcile with your parents to retrieve peace - which is yourself.

This CD with its special text addressed to the parents, spoken in 20 different languages of the world, combined with beautiful music, can be used as a ritual of reconciliation and healing. The ones that have already reached complete inner peace with their parents can use Mama Papa as a profound and powerful prayer for the heart. Additionally 3 inspiring Songs that can be used in the ritual.

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