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Lex Van Someren - Saga Symphony

Product Code: CD107
Price: £15.99

Track Listing

1. Indy  08.13 minutes
2. Call to Love  11.41 minutes
3. Saga  08.50 minutes
4. Hidden Treasure  13.47 minutes
5. Asatoma  11.05 minutes
6. Sri Ram, Jai Ram  11.05 minutes

Total Time 64.12 minutes

Mystical music with a symphonic orchestration, including 2 Mantra-songs.

Lex van Someren and friends (Frank Steiner and Sara Olivier) have created a piece of art in which the soul can find it essence. It is meditative, dynamic, relaxing and powerful, all in one.

This album is a majestic musical alchemy of vocals, choirs and many acoustic instruments, like; celtic and classical harp, cells, lute, oboe, English horn, trumpet, strings, guitar, piano, keyboards and drums.

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