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Lex Van Someren - Shangrila

Product Code: CD906
Price: £15.99

Track Listing

1. Tibet I  01.08 minutes
2. Shangrila  04.55 minutes
3. Healing Stones  05.38 minutes
4. Initiation Of A Mother  01.58 minutes
5. Jannai  06.09 minutes
6. Shahom Talitha  08.22 minutes
7. My Soul, My Temple  04.07 minutes
8. Northern Sky  05.34 minutes
9. Tibet II  02.10 minutes
10. Miradu  06.41 minutes
11. OM, Tibet My Home  05.51 minutes
12. Two Hermits  02.59 minutes

Total Time 55.00 minutes

Normal Price: £13.99

With his music of the heart, Lex van Someren opens up a magical world of dance, meditation, prayer and play.

The mystical quality of this CD, the spontaneity and sense of wonder lead us to a sacred place and touch deep soul memories.

The warmth and power of Lex's voice, combined with his rich choral harmonies and unique way of whistling are set in a soundscape of delicate instrumental arrangements.

Restful meadows, breathtaking, healing sounds of nature and soft, joyful whistling lead the listener to the entrance of his inner worlds and deepest soul-memories.

The longing for friendship and intimacy, love and oneness is awakened and nourished.

The complete spectrum of Lex van Someren's musical expression is presented on this CD.

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