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Lex Van Someren - The Northern Light

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Product Code: CD345
Price: £15.99

Track Listing

1.0A Fool for Truth   05.39 minutes
2.0Pearl of Searching   06.27 minutes
3.0Prayer for Tibet   06.07 minutes
4.0Call from the North   07.11 minutes
5.0Inside the Earth   02.40 minutes
6.0Entering a Sacred Space   01.24 minutes
7.0Monjika   04.12 minutes
8.0Morning Flight   03.46 minutes
9.0Intuitive Chant   01.42 minutes
10.0The Northern Light   06.21 minutes
11.0Ho-Nam-Wei   01.45 minutes
12.0Eva's Song   04.40 minutes
13.0Cosmic Vision   03.21 minutes

Total Time 55.00 minutes

Normal Price: £13.99

Inspired by the strength and beauty of Norway's nature and greatly influenced by the openess and simplicity of her inhabitants, Lex van Someren produced this, his first CD in 1993.

The light-hearted, playful melodies are interchanged with unfathomably deep, impelling sounds.

"Morning Flight" spontaneously invites us to simply embrace and accept life as a joyful and carefree journey.

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