Lines in the Sand - Mark Robson

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Track Listing

1.0The Secret Breakfast   10.38 minutes
2.0Sesami   06.24 minutes
3.0The Tailors Twist   04.00 minutes
4.0White Bird   09.46 minutes
5.0Dancing For Freedom   05.57 minutes
6.0All The Good Times   05.50 minutes
7.0Song Of Hope   08.17 minutes
8.0Corridors Of Uncertainty   08.23 minutes
9.0Tor Song   05.51 minutes
10.0The Gentle Maid   07.02 minutes
11.0Bonus Track   06.44 minutes

Mark Robson from Kangaroo Moon has produced "Lines in the Sand", his second album which still features musicians from the band. Another classic from Mark Robson. Somewhat gentler and more reflective than the Kangaroo Moon albums.

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