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Lucinda Drayton - The Mirror

Product Code: CD1488
Price: £13.99

Track Listing

1. Sit right here
2. At least I loved you
3. Let the bells
4. Choose 
5. The Mirror
6. A Piece of me
7. A Piece of me
8. Like This
9. No where left to hide
10. Poor Pride
11. The Fisherman

The Mirror is Lucinda's first originals album since Bliss. Truly a writer and singer at the top of her game. there is an emotional maturity in the work not heard before. Even more truth and a joy shining through that is uplifting and fun.

Lucinda at the top of her game both as a songwriter and singer. If you really appreciate music that has a depth and unfolds with each new listen then this is for you. Songs like Poor Pride have a raw passion unheard in the Bliss era and Sit Right here, a song about stillness show Lucinda's lighter side. The joy will make you smile. A gorgeous album for the car  and the kitchen, for crying to and dancing to!

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