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Medicine Trance - Professor Trance - 2 CDs

Product Code: CD436
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Track Listing
Disc I
1. Medicine Trance  22.49 minutes
2. Power Dance  19.30 minutes
3. Dream Trance  29.55 minutes

Track Listing
Disc II
1. Samba Trance  30.34 minutes
2. Celebration Dance  19.43 minutes
3. Kanga  19.40 minutes

Medicine Trance consists of two albums of up to 30 minute long trance dance tracks. They are based on healing and other ritual dances of indigenous cultures worldwide.

This body of music was inspired by the long dances of the North American Indians whose dances would often last for 3 to 5 days. The long dances appeared monotonous to observers, however, they were not meant to entertain. Their purpose was to evoke deep healing trances and visions. Long dances honoured the natural cycles of life, the sun, animals and personal victory. The music of Medicine Trance is designed to evoke those same healing visions.

Very powerful.

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