My Music for Massage - Various

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Track Listing

1. Morgaine  03.26 minutes
2. At This Second  19.54 minutes
3. First Light  07.34 minutes
4. Mary Magdalene  08.43 minutes
5. Health Music, Pt. 1  13.46 minutes
6. Giochi d'Acqua  06.26 minutes
7. An Easy Silence  00.21 minutes
8. We Are One Light  10.39 minutes


What is needed for a good massage: hands that are warm, a fine quality oil, blankets or towels, some peace and quiet, sufficient time, a friendly atmosphere.

No two massages are alike. One thing you may want to experience with is the music you wish to listen to. Music can greatly enhance the massage process.

It can soothe, stimulate, focus, accompany and enrich whatever is happening.

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