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Nandin Baker - Zen Spa: Fragrance of the East

Product Code: CD1544
Price: £14.29

Track Listing

1. Sparkling  14.10
2. The Call of the Goddess  12.45
3. Into the Depths of Your Being  14.32
4. Meditation  14.06

Total Time:  55.48

While the magical sound of Nandin's flute creates a tranquil and spacious surrounding, the use of ragas (Indian scales) adds an exotic eastern flavour to the music. Very suited for massage, spas, healing arts, meditation and personal well-being.

In Hindi, raga means ‘mood’ or ‘colour’ and evokes a particular atmosphere, often related to the time of day and season. Over the centuries the playing of these ragas has evolved into a form of meditation – a way to reconnect with our inner peace.

Track Descriptions:
Sparkling - The raga used in this piece, Megh, means clouds in Hindi – music for the monsoon season, with it’s glistening drops of rain and sudden showers.
The Call of the Goddess - The Hindu feminine embodiment of power, Shakti, initiates this piece with her clear call on the flute. Her softer side appears as the music becomes more calm and mellow, moving towards Raga Tilang with its overtones of yearning – a yearning that leads us to our true nature.
Into the Depths of Your Being - This piece reflects the raga Bairagi which is an early morning devotional raga as well as the word for a desire-less person who has renounced the world successfully.
Meditation - This raga, Malkauns, is traditionally played at night and has a mystic and inward looking nature.

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