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Natacha Atlas - Diaspora

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Track Listing

1. Iskanderia  05.15 minutes
2. Leysh Nat'Arak  06.07 minutes
3. Diaspora  06.47 minutes
4. Yalla Chant  05.53 minutes
5. Alhambra, Pt.1  01.20 minutes
6. Duden  06.41 minutes
7. Feres  07.38 minutes
8. Fun Does Not Exist  05.56 minutes
9. Dub Yalil  07.56 minutes
10. Iskanderia [Atlas Zamalek]  05.15 minutes
11. Diaspora [Ballon Theatre Mix]  07.02 minutes
12. Fun Does Not Exist [Dolmus Mix]  06.21 minutes

Natacha Atlas released her first solo album, Diaspora, in the summer of 1995, which saw her combining the dubby, beat-driven global dance of her long-time associates Transglobal Underground, with the more traditional work of Arabic musicians like Tunisian singer-songwriter Walid Rouissi and Egyptian composer and Oud-master Essam Rashad.

The result is a collection of songs of love and yearning which genuinely fused West and East.

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