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Passion of Percussion - Darabuka Sololari

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Track Listing

1.0Tremolo   03.19 minutes
2.0Gezgin   02.26 minutes
3.0Cingenem   03.27 minutes
4.0Rakkas   02.32 minutes
5.0Simarik   01.57 minutes
6.0Ay Isiginda Dans   02.21 minutes
7.0Col Ruzgari   01.45 minutes
8.0Korfezde Dans   03.31 minutes
9.0Deli Gonlum   03.42 minutes
10.0Sarhos   02.13 minutes
11.0Ucan Tef   03.25 minutes  

Classic drumming from Turkey with darbuka, djembe, dohola, req and bendir.
Great for belly dancing, movement or drumming along!

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