Planet Didge - Axis

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Track Listing

1. Ruach  04.04 minutes
2. Stranger to Myself  06.10 minutes
3. Kinetic  03.44 minutes
4. Annika  04.28 minutes
5. Heartbeat (Calling!)  03.22 minutes
6. Serene  06.04 minutes
7. Axis  04.20 minutes
8. Dad  05.27 minutes
9. Blue Labyrinth  03.54 minutes


An exciting new Didgeridoo-CD from Australia. Ground-breaking funky rhythms using only didgeridoos as well as the didges played as a "horn" with a warm, mellow and melodic sound! Plus combinations of both the above, and in various combinations with other instruments, such as cello, violin, drums, bass and keyboards, concluding with a dance track.

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