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Praful - Pyramid in your Backyard

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Track Listing

1. Moon Glide

2. Says Kabir

3. Acredite

4. April Seven

5. Eternity

6. Hand-Cart Puller

7. Naked

8. Azul

9. Drop To The Ocean

10. Wishful Walk

11. Ponto De Partida

12. We Live On

Following the success of 'One Day Deep', Praful's second album 'Pyramid in Your Backyard', was made with the same team: producers Adani & Wolf and Studio De Boot (floating somewhere in Amsterdam), and also released by Therapy Records.

He did not attempt to make a 'Two Days Deep'. This new album sounds richer and warmer. The red thread is still Praful's velvet, funky and instinctive sax and flute playing as well as the compositions and unique sound of the producers trio. Danceable tunes are again combined with chill tracks, more radio friendly tunes intercepted by stretched‚out experimental parts with electronic edge.

The trio kept exploring deeper and spent 5 months in the studio.

PiyB turned out more up-tempo than its predecessor. Percussionist and band member Afra Mussawisade was given an important role from the beginning. Where 'One Day Deep' drifted more on drum grooves and loops, this time percussion instruments from India, Brazil, Cuba, Turkey and Africa (Morocco, Senegal) form the rhythmic foundation.

It is a true melting pot: 4 singers Sandhya Sanjana, Katia Moraes, Sudha and Praful), singing in English, Portuguese and Hindi, take you on a beautiful ride around planet earth.

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