Praful - Touched by Love

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Track Listing

1. Trusting the Ocean - Introduction  02.54 minutes
2. Trusting the Ocean  07.18 minutes
3. Petals in the Rising Sun  09.58 minutes
4. Bubbles  04.36 minutes
5. Touched by Love  09.01 minutes
6. Serenity  10.28 minutes
7. Inner Waltz - Introduction  02.03 minutes
8. Inner Waltz  10.45 minutes
9. Home  12.15 minutes


Touched By Love is one complete piece of instrumental music lasting 69 minutes and intended for bodywork and relaxation.

Sensual soprano sax, flutes, acoustic bass, voice and synthesizers create a regenerating and vibrant texture that blends with sounds of the seashore.

Liquid, deeply moving, and enlivening... perfect for body work or making love!

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