Praises for the World - Jennifer Berezan & Friends

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Track Listing

1. Praises for the World  04.32 minutes
2. Praises for the World Chant  03.42 minutes
3. Riffat Salamat  02.31 minutes
4. David Worm  03.17 minutes
5. We Have a Beautiful Mother  01.35 minutes
6. Patti Cathcart  05.46 minutes
7. Om Tara  09.47 minutes
8. Erika Luckett  05.50 minutes
9. Riffat Luckett  03.42 minutes
10. Chris Webster  04.53 minutes
11. Joey Blake  01.41 minutes
12. Patti Cathcart  09.05 minutes


A devotional and ecstatic long playing chant for our world. An extraordinary and unique mix of renowned musicians, singers and poets join Jennifer Berezan to create this healing and celebratory musical landscape.This CD is perfect for Yoga, dance, meditation, massage, ritual, relaxation, chanting or healing!

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