Rasa Mello II - Donna D'Cruz

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Track Listing

1. Voyager in the Night [Misty Jamal Mix]  01.59 minutes
2. Oceans of Ecstasy  03.34 minutes
3. Sexual (Lida Di) [Afterlife Remix]  04.34 minutes
4. Vuelvo Al Sur  05.12 minutes
5. Tabla Samba  02.02 minutes
6. Calling My Mermaid  02.48 minutes
7. Bell Song  04.31 minutes
8. Guide Me God [Afterlife Mix]  04.32 minutes
9. Trippin' [Beaches N Cream Mix]  03.59 minutes
10. Drum Al Amour [Leisure Mix]  03.46 minutes
11. Sand  03.56 minutes
12. Walking into the Market  05.00 minutes
13. My Love  02.54 minutes
14. Moro  02.57 minutes
15. Desire [Instrumental]  03.24 minutes
16. Get Back to Serenity [Beach Mix]  05.24 minutes
17. Warp  03.05 minutes

Produced, Conceived & Selected by Donna D'Cruz the Rasa journey continues with the follow-up to Rasa Mello - Get ultra-relaxed with this sexy selection of blissful Balearic grooves that is simply the finest in Downtempo.
Featuring many tracks that were previously unreleased including GOLDTRIX featuring ANDREA BROWN - TRIPPIN (Beaches & Cream Mix), the Misty Jamal Mix of the Maurice Jarre track, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, TABLA SAMBA by Grupo Batuque and the Ibiza sunsoaked Vargo track, GET BACK TO SERENITY. Be seduced and prepare to recline again.

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