Rasa - Rasa In Concert

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Track Listing

1. Hari Haraye

2. Sri Rupa Manjari

3. Govindam

4. Kabe Habe Bolo

5. Prabhupada Padma

6. Mama Mandire

7. Gopinatha

8. Arati


rasa (sanskrit): the 'taste' or essence of any impression; the aesthetic experience in transcendence; the emotional fulfillment of the soul; the essence of Divine Love.

Inspired By Indian Devotional Bhajans (songs in praise of Krishna), Rasa's music combines traditional Vaishnava songs with contemporary musical arrangements while maintaining a sacred experience.

Rasa consists of Kim Waters, an artist equally blessed as a singer and as a painter of sacred art; and of Hans Christian, classically trained cellist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and studio wizard.

Together they weave a path of devotional prayer and transcendental sound vibrations...

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