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Rasa - Temple of Love

Product Code: CD1309
Price: £13.27
Track Listing

1. Jaya Radhe  8.14
2. Adaram Madhuram  6.59
3. Sundara Mor  8.18
4. Doya Koro  9.32
5. Parama Karuna  9.36
6. Om Purnam  6.02
7. Srita Kamala  8.06
8. He Krishna  7.30
9. Return  0.58

Rasa’s latest release, Temple of Love, blends Hans Christian’s excellent meditative and ethereal instrumentation with the achingly beautiful vocals of Kim Waters, creating a distinctive style of classic, yet contemporary, Indian spiritual music.

 On this recording, Hans Christian plays a remarkable quantity of instruments: the cello, bass, keyboards, udu, sitara, harmonium, nyckelharpa, sarangi, kartals, mridangam, shakers, tibetan bowls, sarod, dilruba, swaramandala, and the tambura.

 These sounds are blended harmoniously and elegantly with the outstanding vocals of Kim Waters.

 Through this fusion, on Temple of Love, Rasa successfully echoes the soothing, hypnotic aspects of Indian spiritual music while simultaneously infusing it with their own modern sensibility.

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