Reiki Tantra - Mahanta Das

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Strong in his motto 'simple life, noble thought' Mahanta Das goes along his particular musical path creating enchanting melodies combined with the powerful sound vibrations of the sanskrit mantras, the traditional ancient ritual chants clearing the mind and revitalizing the spirit.

The four pieces of 'Reiki Tantra' are dedicated to the four stages of the energy movements flowing into Tantra through the practice of Reiki. This is a delightful and even lively music leading from the magical fusion of body and mind to the perfect meeting with the universal energy. The evocative atmosphere created by the sweet piano melodies reflects the intense sensation of security and bliss inside the listener.

Thanks to their variety of musical styles, the compositions on this CD are not only suitable as musical background for Reiki sessions but are ideal for all meditation disciplines and Yoga practice as well, and for a simple relaxed listening.

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