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Relax 2 - Various

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Track Listing

1.0Southern Romance - Olivier Pryslack   04.56 minutes
2.0800 - Nylon Moon   02.49 minutes
3.0Pema's Theme - Cyril Morin   02.01 minutes
4.0Classique Noninoni - Mystic Diversions   03.20 minutes
5.0Butterfly - Coco De Mer   02.48 minutes
6.0Hallway Man - Suphala   04.49 minutes
7.0Twisted Cupid - Slow Train Soul   04.52 minutes
8.0Flight to Freedom - Deepak Chopra & Gina Gershon   05.59 minutes
9.0Float - Ghostland   02.35 minutes
10.0Four Noble Truths -Cyril Morin   02.57 minutes
11.0Sunset on Lucia Rosa Bay - Mystic Diversions   01.43 minutes
12.0Valentine to Tagore - Deepak Chopra & Adam Plack   03.18 minutes
13.0A Lovers Madness - Love Poems of Rumi   03.11 minutes
14.0Serenity - Adam Plack & Deepak Chopra   05.02 minutes
15.040* in the Shade - Nomad   03.05 minutes
16.0Divya' Theme - Cyril Morin   04.14 minutes

Unwind, 'De-stress' and Chillout with Relax 2.
A soothing musical landscape for reading and lounging or whenever you feel like relaxing.

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