Robert Haig Coxon - Cristal Silence 1 - The Silence Within

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Track Listing

1.0Cristal Silence 1-4   18.40 minutes
2.0Cristal Silence 5   06.35 minutes
3.0Astral Sunrise 1   09.11 minutes
4.0Astral Sunrise 2   06.03 minutes
5.0Cristal Sunrise 3   01.57 minutes
6.0Silence   04.57 minutes


Soothing melodies to help relax the body and remove emotional blockages.

"This first of the Coxon Crystal Silence trilogy pries open the doors of perception and carries the listener into the everlasting arms of pure consciousness."

Joe Fisher, author of The Case for Reincarnation and Life Between Life

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