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Sacred Sonic Tools - Iasos - CD & Book

Product Code: CD1263
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Track Listing
1. Pleiadian Healing Cycles 3.28
2. A Crystal Fountain of Light 2.18
3. Cloud Prayer 5.06
4. Fairy Dust 2.43
5. Woomfa’s (Interstellar Thunder) 1.44
6. Glitter Sweep (Etheric Brush) 1.28
7. The Transmuting Violet Flame Sound 4.58
8. The Bubble Massage 4.26
9. Fairy Laughter 3.13
10. Lagoon Waves 6.59
11. Undulating Bell Harmonics 7.25
12. The Angels of Purity (excerpt) 5.27
13. Brooks 6.14
14. The Spiral Ascensions 2.29
15. Silence 1.00
"Sacred Sonic Tools" includes an unusual assortment of "potentized" sounds with unique abilities. The audio CD comes with a booklet, which includes Application Notes to give the user an idea of the functions that each tool can perform. This project may be of special interest to Light Workers, therapists, body-workers, leaders of spiritual/metaphysical groups, and anyone interested in using sound for self-improvement and energetic tune-ups. These sounds have been widely field-tested, and they are potent! The booklet is generously illustrated with beautiful nature photographs.

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