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Sai-So - Kodo

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Track Listing

1. Strobe's Nanafushi (Satori Mix)  05.46 minutes
2. Ibuki Reconstruction  03.31 minutes
3. Wax Off  04.04 minutes
4. Kevin Yost's Deep & Ethnic Mix  07.29 minutes
5. Wax On  03.54 minutes
6. Inteligente's Nobi (Kashikoi Taiko To Basu Mix)  07.03 minutes
7. Strobe's The Hunted (Kannagara Mix)  03.42 minutes
8. Bill Laswell's Nanafushi  09.07 minutes
9. Bill Laswell's The Hunted  06.22 minutes
10. Strobe's Satori Beats  03.08 minutes 

For more than ten years, DJs have been lifting samples from Kodo to construct fierce, world-flavoured breakbeats.
In 1999, Kodo decided enough was enough, so they allowed some of today's most creative DJs and remixers unprecedented access to the original tapes of their 1996 masterpiece Ibuki.
The result; Sai-So ("reborn"), The Remix Project. Enjoy!

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