Sanctum - Music Mosaic Collection

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Track Listing

1. Light Dream by Kamal  06.36 minutes
2. Flute for the Soul by Ariel Kalma  04.24 minutes
3. O Successores by Air Ensemble  08.13 minutes
4. Alilo by Chloe Goodchild  04.59 minutes
5. Shen Khar Venakhi by Ensemble Tbilisi,  03.23 minutes
6. Amen by MIchael Reimann,  06.02 minutes
7. Light Prayer by Erik Berglund  04.47 minutes
8. Nagarkot by Tarshito  06.30 minutes
9. Forest Trance by Deva Premal  07.13 minutes 

Music for Contemplation.

Now enter a safe haven of contemplation and peace beyond all pain... Drifting melodies guide you into the depths of your innermost self. Trusting fully, you are lifted by gentle instrumentals (flute, harp, organ, strings) and reverent chants to arrive at the altar of your soul.
Releasing the past, you rest in the bliss of Universal Love. Thus healed and renewed, step into the sunshine to greet a wonderful new day.

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