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Satkirin Kaur Khalsa - Universal Prayer

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Track Listing

1. Namo Namo-Prayer of Intention  8.50
2. Bisara Ga-Ee-Prayer of Relationships 11.09
3. Mera Man Loche-Prayer of Fulfilment w/Healing 10.29
4. Akhan Jor: Prayer of Fearlessness & Release 10.02
5. Guru Meray Sang: Prayer of Divine Friendship 4.25
6. Satnam Medly: Prayer of Foundation-Your Roots Root  6.41
7. Simara Simara: Prayer of Peace  8.48
8. Mu Laalan Sio: Prosperity w/Ong Namo for Guidance  12.29

"This album is a collection of 6 Shabds or spiritual songs from Guru Nanak; the spiritual masters who elevated themselves and LIVED in mastery and liberation. There are 5 chants or mantra’s that are woven into the Shabds to give the listener a simple opportunity to sing along. These mantra’s are from the Yoga sutra’s of Patanjali. The arrangements are from the musical genius of Thomas Barquee who is truly a channel of the spiritual realm of music.

The music is based on Indian Raga’s. (A Raga is a powerful musical scale format that deepens the feeling and intention of the prayer). You will hear Eastern instruments: sitar, bansuri flute, tabla, tamboura, harmonium as well as Western intruments: piano, violin, guitar, bass, and percussive instruments. Then there are female and male voices blended to a unified experience of the oneness of creation. My Intention
The time was 33 years ago that I was blessed with the technology of the Shabd Guru, as my spiritual master. My gratitude is to Yogi Bhajan who always said to me, every answer that you seek is in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib ( Shabd Guru). The recitation and singing of these songs has served to uplift me and has guided me through every challenge of my life".

Satkirin Kaur Khalsa.

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