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Shastro - Bandolei

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Track Listing

1.0Bandole!   05.41 minutes
2.0Summer Rain   05.21 minutes
3.0Kinana's Lullaby   05.31 minutes
4.0Talkin' Stories   04.04 minutes
5.0Midnight Song   05.50 minutes
6.0Don't Stop Dancing   04.10 minutes
7.0Kuedadu   03.48 minutes
8.0Lavender Moon   05.53 minutes
9.0Sera Makusa   04.35 minutes
10.0Shanay   07.00 minutes

Total Time: 51.44

In an old gypsy tale, it is said that Bandolei (the heavenly spirit of eternal bliss) descends on earth and becomes one with those who sing, dance and play music in utter joy and contentment.
With an exquisite blend of joyful melodies and warm latin rhythms accompanied by Spanish guitar, Persian santoor, Indian bamboo flute, latin percussion, sax and vocals, Shastro easily transports us into this spirit of Bandolei.

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