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Silence Calls Me - Joachim Goerke

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Track Listing

1.0Silence calls me - dedicated to Eli Jaxon Bear   06.39 minutes
2.0Prayer   04.23 minutes
3.0Song to my heart   05.07 minutes
4.0White dove - fly   05.14 minutes
5.0Moving and do not moving - stillness within   10.01 minutes
6.0Silence calls me - reprise   05.53 minutes

Total Time: 37.26

Solo Piano Songs for Silence.

"These solo piano recordings, for me are guiding into this silence - music and sound, offering silence - each song arising and evetually dissolving back into it.
My soul is longing for pureness, and absolute service to the truth, the love, and the source of all beings. This longing guided me to Eli Jaxon Bear, an awakened teacher who stands in tha Tradition of Silence, which was anchored on this planet through the pure incarnation of Ramana Maharshi.

The meeting with Eli inspired this CD project. May this music be in service of silence and everything that can be experience in it". Joachim Goerke

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