Soulfood & Jadoo - Tantric Chill

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Track Listing

1.   Invocation (0:46)
2.   Tantric Body (4:07)
3.   Sensan (4:03)
4.   Falling Rain (5:29)
5.   Enigmatica (5:12)
6.   Tantrica (4:46)
7.   Drift (4:50)
8.   Kaif Kun – Chill Mix (4:27)
9.   Slow Swing (5:49)
10. Tantric Body – Reprise (7:31)
11. The Encore (3:06)


Tantric Chill is a sensual odyssey filled with downtempo beats, languid melodies, exotic vocals, chants and cinematic soundscapes.

Soulfood & DJ Free connected with Jadoo to turn a vault of sounds into a global chill release with an exotic flavour.

Jadoo the creation of producer/composer Jack Clift, is a group of world class musicians from Central Asia, Europe and the America’s.

Their approach is to mix traditional ethnic music with transglobal electronica, creating an alchemical experience.

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