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Speaking The Mamma Tongue - John McDowell

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Track Listing

1. Maybe we should stand back  07.34 minutes
2. Owl dream  04.38 minutes
3. Face the wind  05.41 minutes
4. Dun gabow  03.41 minutes
5. Oma wani yea  05.18 minutes
6. Vanya don't go away  05.26 minutes
7. Piano raga  06.32 minutes
8. Saba minea ba  05.15 minutes
9. Three deva chant  06.38 minutes

The pure poetry of the soul is given voice through the MAMMA TONGUE, an expression of global unity that harkens back to the time before words, when heart-to-heart communication transcended a single vocabulary.

These songs are the result of an extended musical journey, an expression of music-making as a path towards movement of both the body and the soul.
They encompass the spirit of ancient cultures from Africa, Native North America, Tibet and the Middle East, as well as the heart of the West, in an uplifting fusion of ethnic instruments, diverse rhythms, colourful melodies and ancient languages.

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