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Suvarna - This Dewdrop World

Product Code: CD1494
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Track Listing

1. Heart of Tara 5.56
2. This Dewdrop World 6.19
3. What You Are to Me 4.54
4. The Divine Sound 8.09
5. Charaiveti, Charaiveti 7.53
6. Passion for the Ultimate 6.40
7. Deniz 3.38
8. Nanak's Song 10.04

This Dewdrop World is a delicate musical acknowledgement of life's beauty. A world of instruments including kora (Ravi), violin and tabla complement Survarna's graceful raga-based vocals. This album is dedicated to all who are striving for awakening. Music that sets the listener's heart and soul vibrating immediately.

'Rejoice in your music, rejoice in your dance. Rejoice in these beautiful trees, these innocent sounds of the birds. Rejoice in the night full of stars. We have the most perfect world, and there is no other world but we have to get in tune with it. We have to become one with it...' - Osho

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