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The Heart Sutra - Osho Talks on Buddha - Osho - MP3/CD Audiobook

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Price: £13.27
Track Listing
1. The Buddha Within 107.00
2. Surrender Is Understanding 100.00
3. Negation of Knowledge 102.00
4. Understanding: The Only Law 93.00
5. The Fragrance of Nothingness 109.00
6. Don't Be Too Sane 95.00
7. What Is Meditation 98.00
8. The Path of Intelligence 78.00
9. Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond! 97.00
10. Sannyas: Entering the Stream 99.00
Total Time: 16h 18m
This is an MP3 Audiobook CD which will play on any MP3-compatible CD or DVD player. These audio tracks can also be downloaded onto your computer, MP3 player, and iPod.

For more than 35 years, Osho, a contemporary mystic, met with international audiences and addressed both the timeless and timely concerns of individuals seeking a greater understanding of themselves and their world. His talks were recorded live, have been remastered in high-quality MP3 sound, and are published here in their original series format.

With his unique ability to translate ancient and often obscure language into fresh and contemporary terms, Osho brings Buddha's teachings to life and shows how they are even more relevant today than they were in Buddha's time. His responses to questions from the audience further illuminate the ways in which Buddha's message of pure awareness can inform and enrich every aspect of our everyday lives.

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