The Sultan of All Munshidin - Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tuni - Double Album

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Ahmad Al-Tuni comes from the village of Hawatka, near Assiout, and is one of the last great munshidin (singers of the instad dini, the islamic sacred song or hymn) of Upper Egypt.
Beneath the starry sky of the nights without end when the Sufis celebrate their rituals in the villages of the Upper Nile region, all is dusty and dimly lit; then, as the night lengthens, its penetrating chill gradually seeps through the air, mingling with the fervent clamour of the devout.
From the midst of this somewhat chaotic expression of faith, the munshid's voice rises forth and induces via the dhikr ( literally a memory or remembrance) the state of trance common to Sufi ritual.

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