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There is Some Kiss We Want With Our Whole Lives - Coleman Barks

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Track Listing

1. Love has taken away my practices  02.30 minutes
2. Watch the Dust-grains  04.01 minutes
3. There is some kiss we want  03.07 minutes
4. A young man rolls  03.42 minutes
5. Jars of springwater  03.22 minutes
6. A nightindale flies nearer  03.52 minutes
7. When the soul first put on the body's shirt  04.32 minutes
8. I start out on this road  03.01 minutes
9. Pale sunlight  08.45 minutes
10. Look how desire has changed in you  02.46 minutes
11. Learn the alchemy  04.14 minutes
12. I see my beauty in you  05.17 minutes
13. You ask why  03.24 minutes
14. Fire is whispering a secret  03.40 minutes
15. I am here  04.19 minutes
16. Will this night of talking ever end  01.08 minutes

Coleman Bark's translations of Rumi have make Rumi a best-selling poet in the USA today. Coleman and Chloe Goodchild met in November 1997 and began recording the spoken and sung versions of Rumi's poetry almost immediately. They have given performances with world musicians in Canada, London and Ireland.

There are no words to explain,

no tongue

how when the player touches

the strings, it's me playing

and being played

how existence turns

around the music, how stories

grow from the trunk.

Rumi/Coleman Barks

The ecstatic love poems by the thirteenth century mystic, Jelalludin Rumi, from Konya Turkey, were meant to be read with music. Music was part of the practice of the Sufi Dervish learning community that these poems spring from. In Persian, the poems can be sung as well as read. Music is a metaphor for that which connects us to the Divine Music. It is a remembering that there is no reality but God. There is only God. This poetry came out of the great friendship between Rumi and his master Shams of Tabriz. Their friendship became a way. These poems are an expression of that way.
They were written 700 years ago but the mystical message hidden within holds a powerful contemporary ring for seekers after truth today. There is a mystery called the glance the gift 'nazar'. They conjure a universal language which has touched a pulse in our world and responds to our personal and collective longing for union, Spirit, God, the Beloved.

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