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Tides - Scott Jasper & Susan Garlick

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Track Listing

1.0Circles   03.31 minutes
2.0Hidden Deep   03.39 minutes
3.0Subtle Rain   04.55 minutes
4.0Touch Of Air   04.04 minutes
5.0The Shifting Lands   02.35 minutes
6.0Borderland   03.12 minutes
7.0The Honouring. Kings of Oak and Holly   03.36 minutes
8.0These Times   03.45 minutes
9.0Earth Stories   03.13 minutes
10.0The Many Rhythms of the Drum   03.59 minutes
11.0Western Sky   03.44 minutes
12.0Sunset   05.02 minutes
13.0Spiral Turn   05.44 minutes
14.0The Journey Home   04.26 minutes
15.0Tides   04.02 minutes
16.0The Road   03.57 minutes

A heady mix of contemporary song writing,
shamanic insight and the spirit of acoustic world instruments.

An inspired & unique creation of powerful songs & chants celebrating
the natural ebb & flow of life and the beauty & mystery of the British Land & beyond.

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