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Tom Kenyon - Transmissions of Light

Product Code: CD1704
Price: £15.31
Track Listing

1. Heart Sound Meditation
2. Sexual Glands Sound Meditations 
3. Pancreas Sound Meditation 
4. Adrenals Sound Meditation 
5. Lullaby for the Lower Worlds 
6. Thymus Sound Meditation 
7. Thyroid Sound Meditation 
8. Pituitary Sound Meditation
9. Pineal Sound Meditation
These emanations from the light of realms of being stimulate subtle energetic responses in the the endocrine glands.
According to the Hathors, these types of energetic responses in the seven endocrine glands lead to deep spiritual insight, accelerated evolutions and illumination of body and mind.
In addition to being potent sound codes for personal transformation, these sound meditations are wonderful acoustic allies that will enhance numerous mind/body healing modalities including – but certainly not limited to – massage and yoga, as well as many diverse forms of subtle energy healing.

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