Veeresh - Osho Dance Meditation

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Track Listing

1. Just For A Moment  7.47  
2. Intro  0.49  
3. Market Place  5.20 
4. Osho Tribal Dance  10.04  
5. Buddha Hall  14.34   
6. Mama  5.45   
7. Celebration Of The Heart  4.03   
8. Fly Inside  5.47   
9. Spacing In  5.33   
10. Sammasati  7.07   
11. Holding You  6.10


This is a Social Meditation using dance to ground and energize yourself. You will make joyful connections with others. It is a tribute to Osho and all his people around the world.

The music is produced by Maneesh and The Humaniversity Sound, a team of musical friends from all over the world.

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