Wah! - Opium

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Track Listing

1. open  04.58 minutes
2. opium  03.47 minutes
3. whispered  04.03 minutes
4. show up & be heard  03.33 minutes
5. dream  03.52 minutes
6. revolution  06.58 minutes
7. leap of faith  03.56 minutes
8. midstream  04.19 minutes
9. lose everything  04.32 minutes
10. is it love  05.24 minutes
11. for my eyes only  03.19 minutes


English lyrics and a laid-back R&B style bring Wah!'s songwriting talent to the forefront. This collection of mid-tempo songs set the perfect stage for her unique commentary on life and love.

Using talent from Macy Gray's and Alanis Morrisette's bandmembers, Wah! reclaims her guitar, keyboards, and great songwriting. Herb Graham Jr produces Wah! beautifully in this feel-good CD.

Modern, meditative and delicious...

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