Winds of Warning Adam Plack & Johnny Soames

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Track Listing
1. Winds of Warning (Responsibility) 5.05
2. Initiation (Change) 4.50
3. The Hunt (In Respect for Food) 4.22
4. Solo Didgeridoo (Portrait) 3.07
5. The River (Fate) 5.13
6. Crocodile Totem (Respect) 4.22
7. Underground, in the Air, on the Ground 5.03
8. Snake in the Grass (Fear of the Unknown) 1.56
9. Willi Willi (Spirits in the Sky) 4.33
10. Lizard Walk (Desert Life) 4.48


Winds of Warning is a collection of songs that give thanks to Mother Nature, the wisdom of Aboriginal culture and the Australian landscape. Collectively, these songs are a votive offering for the hope that we may reconnect ourselves with Mother Nature, and see all cultures as important and equal.

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