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Yakshini - Makyo

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Track Listing

1. Tantrika  09.28 minutes
2. Natasha  07.19 minutes
3. Desire  07.19 minutes
4. Takshaka  10.41 minutes
5. Soar Angelic  14.08 minutes
6. Yakshini  20.46 minutes
7. Ghost Echoes  07.23 minutes

Some people will call this album ""ethno-ambient"", some will call it ""dub"", others will call it ""Asian Underground"" or ""chill-out"". But Makyo has moved beyond genres: you can hear the hypnotic bass of dub, the spacious drones of ambient, the pulsing percussion of India, the rippling synths of trance, and seductive Indo-Arab vocals, but the result is entirely new.
Two years of production have resulted in a rich, dense sound, designed to hold up to repeated listenings, with new layers emerging over time. While many electronic acts use sampling to simply dump any old sound over a 4/4 breakbeat, Makyo aims for an intricate, interwoven collage. Live instruments and vocals are fed into the sampler to be cut up, and arranged in radical new ways to create surreal soundscapes. The grooves of club music are present, but used for their hypnotic effects, and tied to rhythms played on warm Indian and Arab percussion. ""Yakshini"" is an album about dreams, formed from dreams, and evoking dreams in the listener. It is about following music to move beyond the mind ----trance.

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