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Yofiyah - Kabbalah Kirtan

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Track Listing

1. Dodi Li 5.39
2. Hamakom Hazeh 12.21 
3. Echad B’Echad 10.36
4. Yishakeni 11.18
5. L’chah Dodi 8.48
6. Ahava Raba 5.54
7. Oseh Shalom 4.11
Kabbalah: the mystical teachings of the Old Testament. Kirtan: the art of devotional chant. Bring them together, and you unfold the beauty of Kabbalah Kirtan, an evolving new art form that invites listeners to sing to, and join with, God. On Kabbalah Kirtan, vocal visionary Yofiyah employs her skills as a voice teacher, artist, and improvisational musician to create a safe and spiritually challenging environment that listeners from any tradition can enter to find and free their authentic voice as a means to experiencing the presence of God.

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