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Yol Bolsin - Sevara Nazarkhan

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Track Listing

1. Yor-Yor (song to th Bride)  04.15 minutes
2. Soqinomai Bayot  04.53 minutes
3. Adolat Tanovari (Songf of Adolat)  04.51 minutes
4. El Nozanin (Beautiful)  04.14 minutes
5. Yol Bolsi (Where are you going?)  05.29 minutes
6. Galdir  06.00 minutes
7. Moghulchai Navo (Mochul Melody)  05.52 minutes
8. Gazli  05.36 minutes
9. Orik Gullaganda (When Apricot Blossoms)  04.52 minutes
10. Yallajonim (My Dearest Song)  04.15 minutes
11. Alla (Bahtimga Lullaby)  06.38 minutes


Sevara, the pop star, is no stranger to popular music trends. With samples, electric guitars and keyboards Yol Bolsin didn't fully begin to flower until record producer Hector Zazou, from France, immersed himself in the tastes and smells of contemporary Uzbekistan. The results are a collection of evocative songs recorded in Tashkent and Paris and finally mixed in the Real World Studios in Box, Wiltshire. Yet Yol Bolsin remains outside time and essentially Central Asian.

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