From The Scent Capitals Of The World: Tunis, Lahore, Delhi, Egypt, Africa, Arabia, Sudan, Attar Bazaar natural fragrances are elegant and exceedingly rich scents. Not simply random mixtures of "essential oils," attar fragrances are a specific type of natural, 100% alcohol-free perfume oil. The beauty of using attar oils is that by wearing them you create an aura of tranquility, confidence and mystery around yourself. Because attars contain no alcohol, the scent "clings" within one or two feet of your body, in the "zone of intimacy."

These attars are the very same fragrances used by the women and men of the East for centuries to create a spiritual beauty. These elegant aromas are traced directly to the ancient healers and prophets, who used fragrant oils to enhance moods, adjust emotions and uplift the soul. In fact, the quality of these scents is so uncommon; many people will stop you to ask, "What are you wearing"? and frequently compliment you on how lovely your perfume is. Each glass phial contains 3.75 ml of high quality attar oil.

All Attar Bazaar perfumes are safe for application to the skin. If an irritation develops, the person should try switching to another scent. If it persists, discontinue using the oils. For External Use Only. It cannot be stressed enough, that our perfume oils are for external use only.  If you desire to use essential oils internally or for medicinal applications, do so only after consultation with a health care professional who has specialized expertise in using oils.


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