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Bahramji & Bashir - Master & Disciple

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1. Morning Dew 3:00
2. Sama feat. OSHO 17:20
3. Whirling Wanderer 9:20
4. Dele Devana feat. OSHO 15:49
5. Dancing in Shour 6:58
6. Swing with Me 5:08
7. Kurdish Heritage 9:44
8. Inner Opening 3:35 …
Total Time 70:42
“Master & Disciple” is Bahramji’s 3rd album Blue Flame Records release. Different than the previous albums, this production is expressing more the virtuous style of playing traditional music reduced to essential sounds from Bahramji’s home country. Bahramji plays Santoor, his son, Bashir Tombacks and together they play ancient Persian melodies in a mellow relaxed atmosphere underlined partially by quotes from the Enlightened Master Osho and his son.

The musical traditions of the Kurdish part of Iran form the foundation of Bahramji's music. He was born 1952, in the Kurdish town Kermanshah in Iran. Music and Sufi rituals were and are still practiced in his family. From early age on, Bahramji learned to play the Persian Santoor. In 1977, he left Iran to study art and politics in Poona, India. After his studies he moved to Holland and played his music at Sufi gatherings and meditations all throughout Europe. In 1992, Bahramji returned back to Poona together with his family; this time also living in the Himalayan region. He spent much time teaching his son, Bashir about music and learning much more about life himself.

During this recording, Bahramji presents his own compositions, along with folkloric tunes from his country, played on the Persian Santoor and the Tomback. The music is inspired by musicians from all over the world gathering around the Enlightened Master Osho, who is heard on two recordings on the album, talking about music and musicians.

The Santoor is a traditional string instrument, which is said to create the sound of nothingness; the Tomback is a drum often used to give the rhythm in Persian music.

On Master & Disciple, the Santoor melts with the circular drumming sound of Bashir’s Tomback, to fall into a trance feeling, evoking the spirit of whirling dervishes. The music flows like an ever turning spiral through the room, as the same rhythm starts vibrating in the body.

The album “Master & Disciple” is a musical invitation for each listener to let the incredible experience take place of becoming one with the music, one with the whole.

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