Banco de Gaia - The Magical Sounds of

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Track Listing

1.0I Love Baby Cheesy   06.34 minutes
2.0Harvey and the Old Ones   08.25 minutes
3.0Sinhala   09.17 minutes
4.0Touching the Void   12.09 minutes
5.0144K?   08.52 minutes
6.0Frog's Dinner   09.09 minutes
7.0Glove Puppet   03.17 minutes
8.0No Rain   08.13 minutes


The pioneer of Global Electronica returns with his strongest release to date.

Banco de Gaia mixes up beautiful textures, soaring melodys and slamming grooves with sounds from the far corners of the world.

Featuring the dance anthems "I Love Baby Cheesy" and "Harvey and the Old Ones".

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