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Bellylicious - Various

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Track Listing

1. Seeking advice from the Expert -Out of Phase  05.44 minutes
2. Inta Omri -Elie Attieh  04.50 minutes
3. Sawah [Savag B. Dance Remix] -7 Days in Egypt  04.07 minutes
4. Kariat el Fingan -Saed Mrad   04.13 minutes
5. Peace -The R.E.G. Project  04.33 minutes
6. Roots Beat -Beirut Biloma   06.01 minutes
7. Higher Ground -Oryx  02.56 minutes
8. The Zaar Beats [Dub Version] -Spiritual Brothers  06.14 minutes
9. Reflex -Thunder of the Swords  04.59 minutes
10. Chicky -Oojami  05.05 minutes
11. Turkish Delight -Harem   04.25 minutes
12. Punjab de Rang [Colours of Punjab] -Dhol Foundation  05.57 minutes
13. Lagian [Joyful Bhangra Dance] -Shabaz  04.43 minutes
14. Ja Vidi -Christophe Goze  06.18 minutes
15. Indra -Thievery Corporation  05.22 minutes

Cutting-edge grooves inspired by the world's most sensual dance.

The ultimate collection, compiled in the United Arab Emirates, for belly-dance or just hot dancing - an exotic feast of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Indian flavours, and more. Sample fifteen delectible international tracks for your delectation, from some of the 21st century's hottest exotics.

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