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Passion Sources - Real World - Various

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Track Listing

1. Shamus-Ud-Doha Bader-Ud-Doja  04.53 minutes
2. Call to Prayer  03.54 minutes
3. Sankarabaranam Pancha Nadai Pallavi  05.05 minutes
4. Ulvi  01.37 minutes
5. Fallahi  03.00 minutes
6. Sabahiya  02.21 minutes
7. Tejbeit  02.44 minutes
8. Prelude in Tchahargah  03.19 minutes
9. Wedding Song  02.42 minutes
10. Magdelene's House  02.48 minutes
11. Yoky  02.08 minutes
12. Ya Sah  02.21 minutes
13. Al Nahla Al 'Ali  02.56 minutes
14. Song of Complaint  03.08 minutes

'Passion Sources' was compiled by Peter Gabriel as a companion album to 'Passion' (the music written for the film 'The Last Temptation of Christ').
Recording the film soundtrack, Peter Gabriel worked with many international musicians.
Some recorded at Real World Studios, some on the film's location in North Africa, and others were sought out from past archives.
'Passion Sources' gives us scope to hear more from these musicians in their own right.

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