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Welcome to the Dance - Steven Flynn

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Track Listing

1. Mystery Rhumba  05.10 minutes
2. When the Rain Comes  03.45 minutes
3. The Road  04.12 minutes
4. Conversations  03.09 minutes
5. Turning Around  04.36 minutes
6. Welcome to the Dance  03.20 minutes
7. Lonesome Lullaby  04.54 minutes
8. The Night Visitors - Spin and Shout  07.58 minutes
9. Diluvian Rock  03.44 minutes

These nine compositions by Steven Flynn, filled with rich textures, heart-felt melodies and compelling rhythms, weave worlds in the air, for dancers to glide through in their bodies, or listeners to tour in their minds.
The songs provide fresh opportunities for the dancer to expand her art with music that, while non-traditional, is perfectly suited to the bellydance.
The CD ends with a full 20 minute routine, complete with drum solo.

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